Intergernerational outreach club

We are an LHS-based club officially recognized by the Town of Lexington that specializes in senior service
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what we do

all free of charge, all for the community

in-home help

Whether it's setting up a computer, screwing in a couple light-bulbs, moving some furniture, or even doing some yard work, we have it covered. We will be able to do most jobs, however, jobs that require machinery are usually out of our realm due to liability reasons.


Find us at the Lexington Community Center in one of the multi-purpose rooms facilitating a workshop with dozens of local senior citizens. We occasionally lead groups in programs such as "1 Hour of Tech" and past workshops include one about Uber and Lyft. Swing by and be prepared to learn from the brightest students of Lexington.

our core values

the foundational tenets of our work


We hope to create a safe environment of acceptance and support


We want everyone in our community to feel that they can count on one another


We wish to develop a space where we can learn and grow from personal experiences



Founder of the Community Task Force| Recipient of the Minuteman Cane Award

"To be born smart is an accident of nature. To want to serve and help others is an act of will.  The establishment of Intergenerational Outreach Club is the result of a group of Lexington High School Students' desire to serve the senior citizens of Lexington. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, 'Life's most persistent and urgent question is : What are you doing for others?' The IOC answered this question by helping us Seniors of Lexington. Thank you."


President of Lexington at Home | Member of the Minuteman Meals on Wheels program

"The IOC is a marvelous resource for Lexington seniors seeking a hand with tasks ranging from technology to errands to light yard work.  Members of our organization, Lexington At Home, a group of seniors who prefer to remain in our own homes as we age, have found this group of community minded Lexington High School student volunteers to be efficient, accommodating, dependable and a pleasure to work with."


Town of Lexington Senior Services Coordinator

"I wanted to mention the Intergenerational Club has been spectacular for Lexington Human Services Department. They came and helped our seniors with an Uber/Lyft program that we had. We have also asked if they would be willing to help with technology for seniors. They are always willing to help in any way they can."